Trauma Transformation

We are not traumatized by an event itself, but by what the event does to us internally and how we deal with it. Intense emotions that overwhelm us cannot be processed by our system, so we dissociate from them. That is what trauma is.


The absence of love, touch, understanding, or emotional connection from our environment can also lead to trauma.

Dissociation from ourselves

Trauma is the energy that our autonomic nervous system couldn’t process in that moment. The energy gets stuck in our system, disrupting our nervous system. This manifests in a range of psychological and physical symptoms that are interconnected. By dissociating from these trapped emotions, we cannot remain present in our bodies. The sensations that are present there are too intense to engage with. We dissociate by splitting off parts of ourselves.

We start living in our heads so that we don’t have to feel anymore. Many of us are fragmented and “ill” due to trauma, but we are unaware of it.

Realigning with the nervous system is essential.

A safe foundation is necessary

There are many ways to transform traumas. From personal experience, I know that it is necessary to first create a safe foundation before we connect with intense emotions and sensations. Carrying capacity is needed. It was the lack of a safe foundation that prevented us from allowing these emotions in at the time. The strength of our foundation determines whether we can fully experience the emotions without being overwhelmed. 

Our subconscious is an intelligent system

It will not give us something to process that we are not yet able to handle. That’s why traumas often don’t release all at once; it goes layer by layer. Each time there is more capacity and safety, more will come to the surface. In accidents or situations with a significant impact on the body, traumas can be luxated all at once.

Have patience and compassion for your process

When something resurfaces, do not blame yourself for not being done yet. Many people working through traumas feel like they take three steps forward and then two steps back. But that’s not the case. It is simply a misperception from which we draw incorrect conclusions. When something resurfaces, give yourself a pat on the back. It means there is more safety and capacity to engage with it. You have grown!


Our nervous system needs to be in balance for us to feel comfortable and safe. By reconnecting with our bodies and all of our emotions, we become whole.  The parts from which we were dissociated also hold gifts and qualities that now become available to us again. By transforming or transmuting traumas, our energy field matures and expands, becoming wider and more powerful. It’s as if we are being carried. We start feeling more comfortable, healthier, and happier. It’s a kind of alchemy that enriches us immensely.

Life is no longer dull and gray or scary but full, colorful, and magical.

And this is my wish for you! Read more about traumas on our inspirational page.