Rates & Fees

For rates, please contact: 06 20244048 or email to Bianca@jelion.nl. Full Self-expression is the key to a successful and happy life in freedom and health, with self-reliance at its core.


Through your employer: Many employers have a training or employability budget. Inquire with your employer about the possibilities.

For entrepreneurs and freelancers, the investment is of course deductible as business expenses.

Through the tax authorities: If you pay the costs yourself as an individual, there is a possibility to deduct these costs as educational expenses. Provided that the purpose of the program is aimed at changing position or improving knowledge and skills necessary for retaining and acquiring income from work. www.belastingdienst.nl.

Through your employer’s Occupational Health Service: In the context of the Gatekeeper Improvement Act, employers, after consultation with the company doctor, are sometimes willing to reimburse the costs of counseling. In the context of burn-out prevention and prevention of long-term sickness absence.

Through the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV): As a benefit recipient, you can inquire with the UWV about the available financial resources for your recovery and reintegration. The UWV offers individual reintegration agreements. www.uwv.nl.