Jelion Wellbeing

Stands for openness and transparency and is dedicated to a free world where everyone can be their true selves. Free from fear. Liberated from programming and conditioning. Our purest form or state of being is love and bliss.


The world needs you, You are a unique part of the greater whole. You have a unique frequency, a blueprint that wants to be expressed and contribute to this earthly play. I invite you to let go of everything you thought you were…. Satchtinananda.



Do you also long for inner peace and freedom?

Holistische mindset

Breaking free from the grip of fear, programming, and conditioning. Building a bridge between seemingly different worlds, the visible and the invisible, is my calling.

In my work, I recognize the potential in every individual.. With my sensitivity, I can tune in well to energetic blockages, leaving nothing “unseen.” Your process is always respected and guiding.

Let the energy flow

Everything is energy, and energy needs to flow. When our energy becomes stagnant or blocked, we become imbalanced. If this imbalance is not resolved, it can manifest as symptoms, whether they are emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. The expression of these symptoms can vary depending on your character or temperament, coping strategies, and ancestral energetic heritage.