Energy Work

Energy is the building block of all physical forms that we perceive here on Earth. All physical forms also have consciousness, no matter how lifeless they may seem. Consciousness is the invisible guiding force that allows energy to manifest in form.

Its own unique frequency

Consciousness is initially formless and infinite. It makes life as we know it possible. All matter has a vibration, a unique frequency. Everything vibrates – atoms, molecules, and even the tiniest subatomic particles. They not only vibrate but are also composed of vibrations. They are energy patterns that resonate with each other, exchange energy, and interact with one another. Energy carries information.

Words and thoughts also have a vibration, as do feelings and emotions. Everything vibrates! Thoughts influence our emotions, and emotions, in turn, influence our thoughts. Thoughts and emotions can amplify, slow down, and change the energy patterns that arise from them. Our bodies can be seen as a cluster of energy emitting and receiving vibrations, constantly interacting with our environment and thoughts. Our human experiences are, in fact, interactions between vibration patterns, energy patterns, and are felt as sensations in our bodies.

When we bake cookies or prepare a meal, we focus on the ingredients for the best possible result. Changing the taste afterwards is more difficult. In this case, ingredients are the building blocks of the cookies or the meal. This is where we have the most influence over the taste and final outcome. Our thoughts and emotions can be seen as the ingredients or building blocks of our inner and outer world. If we want to change our lives, we need to change our thinking. With our thoughts and emotions, we influence energy, and energy is the building block of all form, i.e., this material world we call life. But our bodily sensations are also influenced by the energy patterns from our environment. Nothing is separate.

When our thought patterns drive energy patterns that negatively affect our bodies, we cannot solve this issue solely on a physical level. The origin lies in the thought pattern. The physical blockage can be transformed, but it will ultimately manifest again through the same thought pattern if it is not seen and healed.

The above does not mean that everything we experience energetically has a mental or emotional origin. Sometimes we pick up energies from others. We may suddenly feel sad when we enter a room or experience other sensations. We don’t necessarily need to search for the thought that caused this. When we become more aware of the sensations in our body and our thoughts, we can distinguish this more easily.

Part of a larger whole

In some buildings where much suffering has occurred, certain experiments are even impossible. This indicates how energies linger in spaces and have an influence. Energy that wants to be transformed does so through the person who is suitable for it at that moment. This is impersonal but has to do with resonance. We are like electromagnetic fields that give each other impulses, attract and repel each other. We charge and discharge, merge and separate on a physical level, but we are always connected and influence each other. This is a dynamic process that we counteract with our social norms and rules, and by making everything personal.

Just as each body cell is part of the human body, we humans are also part of a larger whole, which can be seen as a larger body of which we are the cells. However, we are not aware of this and do not behave accordingly. We prefer to live according to our own agenda, polarize, feel jealous of other cells, believe that one cell is better and has more value than another, fight with other cells, compare ourselves to other cells, and sometimes prefer to work against each other rather than with each other.

What would happen to the human body if the body cells behaved as we human cells do?

Blockages, complexes, disorders, peculiarities, traumas, and shadows are all energetic patterns of thought and reaction from our subconscious. They are isolated emotional energy patterns that are not in harmony with the environment. The friction or disharmony manifests in reaction patterns. We explode, lose control, or freeze; we withdraw and retreat. What if we learn to discharge, harmonize, transform, and integrate these energy patterns? The energy that could make you explode or freeze, initially perceived as toxic, suddenly becomes a magical potion with a healing and enriching effect on your entire being and your environment. Underneath lies peace and unprecedented tranquility.

As far as I’m concerned, this is what energy work is about – transforming and integrating disharmonious energies, melting the frozen parts of ourselves, and harmonizing any destructive thought patterns.