A hurried and stressful life has become the hype. The agenda must be filled, and we are addicted to stimuli and distractions, actively seeking them in every possible way. The bucket is already full, and it doesn’t take much to overflow if we don’t learn to regulate and understand our emotional experiences. We no longer want to feel or have come up with various ways to avoid it. Or we feel too much and become overwhelmed.

Conscious & Unconscious

Whether it’s personal circumstances, social situations, relationships, or the workplace, when we become overloaded, it affects our health and well-being. Feelings of sadness, depression, conflicts, guilt, frustrations, and fears seem to overwhelm us.

We live in a society where, consciously or unconsciously, we project a lot outward, away from ourselves. Whether it’s about our health, happiness, responsibility, feelings, or guilt, everything points outward, and we have placed responsibility outside of ourselves.

We are disconnected from who we truly are, detached from our essence. First, that great job, that car, that relationship, that bag of money—whatever we think will bring us eternal happiness. Everything outside of ourselves must go smoothly, and it seems to be the prerequisite for happiness and well-being, but is this really true? How fragile is this condition?

This is from the outside in, this basic premise doesn’t hold up in my opinion. Now you are making yourself dependent on external factors for your happiness. Energetically, this is highly illogical. And is it not temporary or false happiness?

Let’s be honest, obstacles in life are inevitable. Everything is always changing, and nothing is set in stone, including external factors. Temporarily, we sink into ourselves when desires are fulfilled. But is it the fulfillment that allows you to sink into yourself? Or is it the temporary release from desires and chasing after them? Being okay with what is! This latter perspective is an entirely different starting point. It requires exploration and awareness.There is always a way!

Imagine if we start feeling again and reconnect with who we truly are. Bliss is a state of being, a frequency that is available to everyone. This is what you are in your purest form before you started believing all kinds of things about yourself and the external world. It is accompanied by a shift in consciousness or expanded consciousness.

Here lies your stability, resilience, your health, and let’s not forget the sense of happiness that you thought you had to find elsewhere.