You are completely okay

You are completely okay, even when things aren’t going well. One moment we are brimming with self-confidence and energy, and the next moment our courage falters. One day we feel ‘on top of the world,’ and the next day we feel like a complete failure. One day everything seems fine and the future looks rosy, and the next moment we are overwhelmed by dark clouds.

You are human and this is part of it; they are all snapshots, and this too shall pass!

Under the influence of social media and many New Age slogans, we can often feel like we’re completely missing the mark. Beautiful pictures of radiant faces and happy families or couples with children, accompanied by slogans like:

‘Live your best life’, ‘Everything is family’, or ‘There is only light’. We can take these quite literally at times, leaving us with a bitter feeling. We forget that we simply don’t appear in front of the camera with exhausted and tear-streaked faces. But these moments also occur in everyone’s life!

Life has many facets and colors. If we think life can only be beautiful, then we’re only living half of reality. The experience lies in the contrasts and contradictions. How else would you know what beauty is if you haven’t experienced the other side?

Everything is family? Even in the best families, friction occurs, and every household has its own struggles, but we often don’t capture this on film.

Everything is light? Well, welcome to Earth! When you think there’s only light and deny the darkness, you’re truly denying half of life, including a large part of yourself.

Whether you feel alone or lonely or you’re going through a dark period in your life, or you’re worried? Know that this too shall pass. Nothing is set in stone in life, not even your problems.

Without descending into the depths, we won’t find the pearls. Or as Carl Jung says: hidden treasures lie in the depths of the unconscious, that’s where we can find gold. Healing and wholeness can only occur by facing and feeling everything. This is where inner work and shadow work come in.

Seeds mainly germinate in the dark, and growth arises from friction. The apparent disasters often lead to major transformations.

So… dear you, let everything be and know that it’s completely okay. I would advise you to get out of your head more often. In our heads, societal and social conditioning mostly reside, which often contradicts our authenticity, our true nature. Often we keep spinning in our heads, searching for solutions and answers to our questions there, but…

If the answers were in our heads, then the questions wouldn’t come from there!

When we spend too long spinning around in our heads with all sorts of worrying thoughts, we can literally talk ourselves into the abyss, and this is not necessary.

Descend with the energy from your head to your heart area; you don’t have to know everything for a while or find a solution for everything. Also, stay in touch with your pelvic floor and your feet. This way, you distribute the energy and come back into your body, and the Here and Now.

The solutions will present themselves naturally when there is peace and space again in your head. If you keep spinning around there, there’s simply no room for solutions. Your head is full.

By descending to your energetic heart, space is created again. This is the place of neutrality and all-encompassing love.

Love is not an emotion; it is a frequency where personal problems dissolve. From this place, you will not only find the answers, but here you will find support, connection, and tenderness, and everything you thought you had to find elsewhere. Here, letting go is a given. Here, you will find the peace and space that you cannot think of with your head.

Time doesn’t heal wounds; Love does!

If you’re faced with difficult choices or struggling with difficult issues, ask yourself: “What would love do?” and focus on everything that gives you a feeling of love and safety. Then descend to your heart area and your body, stay there! An open heart is a state of being, a vibration, a frequency that transcends and transforms human drama!

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