Unconditional Peace

Could such a thing exist? No more war? Many will think this is impossible and refer to history. But which history? History actually shows that this IS possible, but we have to go back to ancient times before the church and the ruling order made their entrance.

Around 25,000 years before Christ, there existed a goddess religion where the Mother Goddess was worshipped. The goddess was triune: virgin, mother, and old wise woman. This was later replaced by the church with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Great Mother Goddess was seen as the creative force of the universe, the nurturing and protective principle, and the giver of life.

The masculine and the feminine were equal, and there was no hierarchy. Graves and grave offerings were equal. They lived in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of nature and the cycles of the moon, 13 months. The annual rhythm of birth, fertility, death, and rebirth was respected.

They didn’t think in terms of good or bad, but only in contrasts, the extremes of the same, which could be brought into balance. The god and goddess stood side by side and didn’t rule over the universe as the Christian God does, but they were the universe itself. They didn’t place the divine outside of themselves. In those times, they knew that everything was made up of energy and that thoughts were also energy, and that you could harness energy for your benefit. They held deep reverence for Mother Earth and all living things.

They understood the universal laws or cosmic laws and lived in harmony with them, just as they lived in harmony with nature and their fellow human beings. They thought independently and were autonomous, using their gifts and wisdom to help and heal their fellow humans.

Archaeological excavations reveal that the arts of healing, agriculture, architecture, woven fabrics, and written language were already developed during the time when the goddess was worshipped. They worked with the energy of plants, herbs, and cosmic energy. Nothing was suppressed, and everything was allowed to exist; they understood the principles of unity and wholeness. They were aware that light and dark exist within each of us and require integration. They seemingly knew that humans had to accept and integrate their shadows to achieve wholeness.

It is evident from all the evidence that this was a very peaceful people, and there is nothing from this time period that suggests war or anything of the sort.

Until this peaceful people were demonized, the powerful woman was turned into a subservient creature. She had to take care of her children and husband and had to sacrifice herself and her gifts. From the virgin, mother, and wise woman, only the mother remained.

The energy, vibrations, and frequencies disappeared, making way for the physical and tangible. The feminine Yin thinking, which includes aspects such as connection, feeling, pleasure, intuition, as well as a focus on the bigger picture, disappeared. The soul and the energetic vanished, leaving only a flesh-and-blood body.

The Yang thinking took over, emphasizing power, purpose at the expense of nature and humanity. Wholeness and equality gave way to coercion, dominance, and hierarchy. The life-giving principle was taken over by life-taking rulers.
It may seem that we have become quite emancipated, yet we still largely live with the same spirit of the times. Yang thinking is still prevalent, as Karen Hamaker Zondag demonstrates in many of her beautifully written books. The current systems are based on this.

There is nothing wrong with Yin or Yang, but they should go hand in hand, complementing each other instead of dominating. Yin and Yang exist in every person, and it is desirable that balance is achieved in both our inner and outer worlds. When the Yin quality becomes more integrated into our society, there is room again for pleasure, humanity, and the bigger picture. Things don’t need to happen so quickly or at the expense of one another. Strength and vulnerability go hand in hand.

War does not stop on the side of the ruling order or politics, as I see it. Many are addicted to power and driven by dark forces. What characterizes an addiction is that it is never fulfilled. Many rulers have a psychopathic character structure; they no longer connect with their feelings and humanity, and destruction is the outcome. They are taken over by powerful dynamics, and their hunger for more and more power only grows.

Love and wholeness are absent, the heart is locked.

With a closed heart, you cannot empathize with others, experience love, or establish real connections; the mind takes over, and it lacks feelings. You do not grow in consciousness or psychologically; instead, instincts and dynamic processes are acted out and become even more powerful.


But what if we consciously expand our heart consciousness and open our hearts more?

With an open heart and an open mind, we do not harm each other, we are connected to ourselves and our fellow beings, we experience self-love and love for others, and polarization and hatred disappear. Stories and blame give way to love, and separateness is replaced by connection. With an open heart, the feeling of emptiness is replaced by a sense of fulfillment, and the search and grasping in the external world cease. The hunger for power dissolves. When as many people as possible decide to approach life with an open heart, the field of love becomes so immense that the ruling power has no chance.

How do you open your heart and expand your heart consciousness? You can begin by directing your attention more towards the heart center. Observe what happens in this area during loving feelings and events. How does it move?
Does it feel spacious? What does this do to your thoughts? And what does it do to your overall sense of well-being? You will start to notice the energetic movement more and more, and you will also realize how wonderful it is to have an open heart. It takes practice, and you will find that you become more and more aware of this area. You will discover that it is an immense power field that positively changes your inner and outer world. Your mind becomes calmer, and you feel more stable and at ease. Restlessness dissipates. Letting go is no longer necessary because you are no longer holding on. Focusing on gratitude is immensely helpful.

Book recommendations and sources: “Heks” by Susan Smit, books and podcasts by Karen Hamaker Zondag, “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer, “The Chalice and the Blade” by Riane Eisler.