Types of trauma

Situations or circumstances that we have not been able to process or, rather, fully experience, are temporarily parked and isolated to be processed and released at a later time or when the time is right. You could call it a kind of shock energy that needs to flow out of our system. Just like an animal shakes itself off after an attack or a frightening event.

This concerns trauma energy, and there are different types of traumas, such as acute trauma from a severe event, single or multiple traumas from multiple events. Prolonged exposure to danger, stress, or intense situations can manifest as chronic trauma or complex trauma.  Developmental trauma is linked to an early each.

Many of us unknowingly also deal with ancestral traumas that we unconsciously inherit from our ancestors. These are unresolved or unfinished matters whose emotional charge tries to find an outlet in those who resonate with it. They lead to disruptions in our energy, and frozen energies are “disease-causing.” Additionally, we also have existential traumas, birth traumas, attachment traumas, development trauma, generational trauma and collective traumas, such as centuries-long suppression of women.

Chronic and ancestral traumas, as well as development trauma, can accompany us for most of our lives, and we have become accustomed to them. Our bodies have even become familiar with the heightened arousal caused by trauma, to the point that we don’t realize we are traumatized. The body has become accustomed to the chemicals that the trauma produces, and it even feels so familiar that during calm periods, the body asks for these chemicals again. Subconsciously, you then creat scenarios that trigger these chemicals. No matter how burdensome it is for the body and our system, it feels familiar and common.

In this way, we even start to believe that we are our patterns or disorders. But there is another truth. They only cover up who you truly are. They are signs that your life force is blocked or not flowing completely. This is taxing on your nervous system. Life force needs to flow so that you can experience life in its fullness. Trauma work can also be seen as a part of shadow work, transforming your shadows so that you can stand fully in the light, in connection with your blueprint.

Traumas are passed down from generation to generation, without blame, until someone is willing to fully experience and discharge them. That is where it stops and is no longer passed on to future generations.

Will it also stop with you?