Our uniqueness is often overshadowed by (ancestral) traumas. Many of us may not realize that we are traumatized because we often think that we must have a vivid memory of a traumatic event, such as war, assault, rape, or a serious accident. However, this is a misconception. Traumas are also unconsciously energetically passed down by our ancestors, and there is no blame in this.

Constant repetition programs our subconscious mind. Even systems, media, and films can cause us to become traumatized or trigger old traumas, which I personally see as less unconscious. Research shows that we react more intensely to witnessing the suffering of our loved ones than when it happens to ourselves. Can you imagine what certain scenes from movies can do to our energy? Or how watching the news with all those disturbing images, which in many cases is not news but continuous repetition of the same, can be a form of programming?

Traumas can arise in unexpected ways in our Western society. We have learned or not learned to feel and process emotions and often live in our heads. We are often not taught to journey inward. As a result, fragments of our essence or soul freeze, our life force stagnates, but energy needs to flow, or else we become unwell. Often, we prefer to put judgments or beliefs in between so we don’t have to feel. In doing so, we unconsciously block the flow of life energy.


Energie needs to flow

Just as water needs to flow to avoid becoming stagnant, the same applies to the energy within our bodies. Energy needs to flow; otherwise, we may become “unwell.” Without realizing it, we can become further and further disconnected from our essence. Some people may say, “This is just the way I am,” or “I am who I am.” However, you are not your traumas, patterns, fears, or illnesses. These are merely symptoms of old wounds, unhealed pain, traumas, or unresolved aspects of ourselves or our ancestors. There are many terms for the same underlying issues.

A trauma is essentially a frozen piece of energy, an energy blockage, a part of our essence that has become isolated. This can manifest in various persistent patterns, depression, anxiety, psychological issues, or seemingly unrelated physical illnesses. Some traumas are remembered from the moment they occurred, while others may have been repressed in our subconscious and resurface later in life.

There are also chronic traumas resulting from prolonged exposure to overwhelming experiences that our system could not handle at that time. Often, there may not be a conscious memory of these events. Ancestral trauma, too, may not come with a specific memory, but we may recognize the patterns in our behavior that mirror those of our ancestors.


Trauma as a gateway to your essence

Illnesses do not stand alone but often have underlying origins. They are often interconnected with various aspects of our being and experiences. Sometimes, the root cause is physical, such as toxins or severe deficiencies. More frequently, the root cause lies in emotional, mental, or spiritual imbalances. Trauma and our thought patterns often play a significant role in the development of illnesses.

Ignoring or suppressing the subtle signals from our body, we may resort to taking antidepressants for depression, sleeping pills for insomnia, inhalers for breathlessness, and so on, to suppress the symptoms and continue with our lives. In doing so, we neglect the signals calling for our attention. Our essence communicates with us through feelings and emotions, and when we fail to acknowledge or notice these signals, they may escalate into depression, anxiety, restlessness, or other unpleasant sensations. If even then we do not pay attention, additional discomfort, often physical, may emerge. At this point, your inner world is crying out for attention. Traumas are the entry points; they indicate where you need to focus your attention, on your inner world. They are the gateway to your essence. When your body sends you signals, listen! It is communicating with you and seeking your attention.

Freeing yourself from anything that obscures your essence is a true liberation.