Trauma & Misunderstanding

“I don’t want to work on traumas because they were too intense at the time, and I never want to be reminded of them or go back to that place again.”

Unfortunately, the above statement is often misunderstood. When we have traumas, we repeatedly experience the sensations of the past in the present without being consciously aware of it. Traumas are not only emotional or mental but also biological/physiological and Neurologically. The experience of trauma often involves unconscious re-experiencing of the traumatic events, playing out in our brain and energy system. This re-experiencing may not always be at a conscious mental level; it can occur outside our awareness, causing us to react disproportionately to certain triggers. Prisons and hospitals are filled with individuals affected by trauma.

Trauma is not just a mental or emotional memory; it is the resurfacing energy in our body. This energy influences our actions and words, leading us to behave in ways we later regret. We can become trapped in this energy without always realizing it, avoiding certain things, and our mind comes up with seemingly valid reasons for doing so.

Traumas do not always come with a clear memory, especially in cases of chronic trauma, early traumas, or ancestral traumas, as well as emotional neglect in our early years. In such cases, there may be no conscious mental recollection. However, these experiences leave an energetic imprint in our energy system and brain, affecting how we perceive reality at a mental level. We filter our reality through our wounds.

The trauma energy creates an energetic cycle. At the cellular level, we have memory that often keeps us in a constant trauma cycle without conscious mental recollection. However, our body experiences it profoundly. It manifests as restlessness, agitation, anger outbursts, anxiety, panic, and a range of chronic and psychological symptoms. Diseases or ailments are not isolated occurrences but usually have an energetic imbalance or disruption as their origin.

Traumas hold individuals captive. They cause us to shift into our reptilian brain, where logical thinking is absent, and we become subject to our instincts. In this state, we can be easily manipulated from the outside, but the true goal is to self-direct from within. Otherwise, we become pawns of our environment. You can perceive this mechanistically, where the reptilian brain represents a survival mode rather than a thriving mode. Often, we have become so accustomed to this survival mode and feelings of unsafety that we don’t even realize it. The survival mode leaves no time for the body to regenerate, heal, or recover. Can you imagine the impact on us when we remain in this survival mode for years? Unfortunately, in many cases, this is the reality, without us being aware of it. It has even become socially accepted. Being busy seems to be the trend. It feels familiar and normal.

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What we truly desire is access to the part of our brain where we can reason logically and think freely. This can only be achieved through relaxation and safety. We want autonomy over our lives. Reconnecting with the parts from which we have dissociated allows the disturbed energy to transform. This transformation is essential for living a liberated and soulful life; it is our birthright.