The Power of Thought

Our lives shape themselves according to the thoughts we believe, our convictions. If you believe the world is a unpleasant place to be, you will experience it as such. Our genetic expression is also a reflection of our thoughts and feelings, thus our beliefs. In simple terms: thoughts and beliefs can cause certain genes to be turned on or off. Falling in love is an example of this; suddenly, we appear different. The ailments and complaints we had also seem reduced or disappeared. For the mind, it appears to be the other way around. It depends on circumstances for its happiness. It perceives, draws conclusions, and projects both blame and credit onto the outside world, often placing them outside its responsibility. Blame lies with others or the external world, and it calls extraordinary manifestations coincidence or luck. Or it feels responsible for everything. When we become more aware or better observers, we can see that we create our lives with our thoughts and beliefs. Thoughts, along with their accompanying emotions, are energy and influence energy.

Energy is the building block of this physical reality. Everything has a vibration. We will attract what resonates with our vibration and frequency. Our thoughts and emotions cause us to vibrate in a certain way; we can only attract situations that vibrate in the same way. Therefore, it is important to know what we think and believe all day because it shapes our world, our reality, and our genetic expression. How aware are we of our thoughts?

We have approximately 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. 95% of our thoughts are unconscious. Most of our thoughts are destructive. Therefore, for 95% of the time, we unconsciously create our lives, mostly based on destructive thoughts. Most of the thoughts we have are the same as yesterday’s. We keep reliving the past, and as a result, not much changes. We can even become entangled in situations or events that they become our state of being.


Change Your Thinking

There is much to gain when you become more conscious of what you think and believe. Energy aligns with our thoughts, beliefs, and the emotions that go with them. We are electromagnetic, multidimensional beings. Our programming and conditioning reside in our subconscious mind, largely built during the period from 0 to 7 years old, but programming continues after the age of 7. It is not our own programming but that programmed by our environment. It is built from beliefs, norms, values, life perspectives, etc.


Free Will

When we unconsciously go through life, we spend most of our time operating on programs that are not our own. That is what we call our life. Free will is nowhere to be found in this situation. We are subject to the programs from our subconscious mind. However, programming has no grip when you are fully aware of this present moment, not thinking about the past or the future but emptying your mind completely. You connect with the level of the heart and make contact with your entire body, including all sensations. In this Now, you experience the experience itself instead of the experience of your thoughts and limiting beliefs. Empty your mind and connect with your inner world. What do you feel in your body? Feel with a refined perception, including the subtler sensations. Allow yourself to experience it as a sensation, a vibration that wants to pass through your system to transform and expand your field. When we let the world enter our hearts, we perceive the world feelingly, and we can remain in the here and now. It feels calm, expansive, and gentle. When we engage with the world with our minds, the direct experience is missing; we only experience our programmed likes and dislikes. Then we experience separation.


Advanced Brain

The brain is an advanced system on its own, one that we barely comprehend in its entirety and capacity. It can be fully programmed outside of ourselves. This can happen in the most bizarre and painful ways, creating a split that can go on endlessly. Each split part can be programmed separately. Programming can also occur through TV, phones, and advanced technology and so forth. Through sounds we cannot consciously hear, light flashes, all frequencies. Programs can be played outside our awareness, as if there is a remote control for us, but we don’t have it in our hands. Programming and conditioning of the subconscious mind can go very far, even to the point where we are no longer ourselves and can be used for anything. We are not aware of this. We are all programmed to some extent. Until we become aware of our thoughts and beliefs, start feeling and staying present in our bodies, then we regain power over ourselves. By focusing on our sensory perception, we can return to this present moment. How do we become aware of our subconscious mind? We need the outside world for that.


Consciousness Expresses Itself and Experiences Itself

As soon as we come into contact with the outerworld, our electromagnetic field interacts with other electromagnetic fields. In reality, it is always in interaction with everything, but we feel the sensations more distinctly in interaction with the outerworld. Initially, this is an impersonal dynamic process that the mind personalizes. It resonates or dissonates, our energy fields give each other impulses, attract or repel, harmonize or not. Sometimes they vibrate together for a while to give each other further impulses and information, and sometimes they separate again on a physical level, but energetically, there can be no separation because we are always connected. For our eyes, separation exists, but on an energetic level, it doesn’t. In essence, all forms we see and can perceive are consciousness. Consciousness experiences itself, discharges, and expresses itself in energy, matter, and all life forms. It has no judgement it vibrates and resonates in a dynamic process. It is neutral.


The Mind Wants to Capture and Control Dynamic Processes

Energy vibrates and moves without the interference of the mind. But… we also have our mind with its conscious and unconscious beliefs. The mind seeks control, which is illusory because the processes are dynamic. The mind wants to determine how, where, what, when, with whom, and preferably why. To cover its own insecurity, it wants to capture everything, if possible, even contractually. In the worst case, until death do us part. When looking at dynamic processes, you’ll realize that capturing something in the future is a form of self-denial. How do you know how you will vibrate energetically in the future? How do you know what impulses you will still receive? What the circumstances will be like in the future? Only from this present moment can we make choices based on the NOW and on our Self.

If we bind ourselves to the future, we will likely lose connection with ourselves along the way to fulfill the contractual obligations. This is a major part of the contraction we see around us. “I actually want a different job, but well, good pension. I actually want to be alone without a partner, but the children or the house. I don’t feel like going, but I made a commitment.” In many cases, agreements seem to overtake how it feels in the current moment. Even habits seem to override the feelings and impulses of the present moment. Goals and self-images often override the impulses of the present moment. Deep down, it no longer feels right, but the goal must be achieved or the self-image must be maintained at the expense of our true Self. Sometimes we are more loyal to our environment than to ourselves and can go so far that we can no longer feel our own primary needs; we have abandoned our true Self.


Always and Never Love

With our minds, we want to determine and capture dynamic processes, and this is how we are programmed. This is especially true when it comes to (illusory) love. The “I will stay with you forever” kind of love and the “I will never let you go” kind of love. In my opinion, this is love of the mind and is illusory. It is more about filling our own emptiness or covering up our own insecurity and lack of safety. You can recognize this love by the contraction, the desire to hold on, and the conditions attached to it. Unconditional love is expansive, free, and flows from within, connected but not bound to anything or anyone. It is supportive. This state or frequency is available to everyone; you are it! When we reconnect with it, the grasping movement towards the outside dissolves. Here, you live from your True self.


Creation or Resonance

We create with our emotional system, our focus, and embodiment or the energy body. The head, heart, and pelvic area. With your focus, you form the image of what is desired. Then, the emotion of the heart breathes life into it or gives support to the wish, creating an energy field. By internalizing these feelings, we attract them and they can manifest, as long as we are grounded. How would you feel if your wish comes true? How would you look? What would you say? What would you do?

If you align with this feeling as often and as much as possible, you ensure that you are in the right feelings, in the right alignment to receive it. Close the image and the feeling it would give you in your heart. Or step into the image of what you desire. Embody the feeling. Fake it until you make it. The more powerfully we can feel the emotion, the more powerful the attraction will be. A powerful decision can also work wonders; let all the cells in your body participate. Connect with the energy of determination. In fact, we command the energy; begging doesn’t work. We call it creation, but it’s more about resonance.


Starting Point

Before you want to create or attract something, it is also useful to examine why you want it. Your starting point is essential. Are you not okay with the present moment, and therefore want something different? Remember that most needy desires come from a lack of connection with ourselves, the divine love that we are! Ask yourself what it would give you if your wish is fulfilled. Often, you ultimately come down to more freedom, more happiness, more love, more joy, more health. Even if your desire is for a lot of money, ultimately it would also be intended for freedom, health, or happiness. But let it be that these desires all indicate that we are disconnected from who and what we truly are. We are tuned into another channel. We don’t receive the fulfillment we truly long for and seek outside ourselves. If true fulfillment is lacking, we then create from lack, not from abundance. But we can come into the right alignment by connecting with ourselves. If you still decide to change something or have a desire?

Creating from a non-acceptance of the present moment is challenging. We radiate non-acceptance, and everything we broadcast, we attract. So what will you get then? Even more situations of non-acceptance. The feeling we broadcast determines our vibration and frequency; we can only receive from the same frequency we are tuned into. Be careful not to radiate feelings of lack! Feel the abundance as if you already had it in every cell, as often and as much as possible.


Change Your Vibration

Sometimes, the leap from frustration to the vibration of love or compassion is too big. But if you don’t do this, you know what you will attract into your life. You can do this step by step. Zoom out from your current frustration and frustrating thoughts, empty your mind, and feel what wants to be felt in your body, make contact with the energetic flow from within until it becomes calm and peaceful, but this is not the goal. The goal is to feel what wants to be felt. Then, see if there is something you could be a little grateful for… What is going well? Name three things you can be grateful for. Do everything you can to find light in your life. If you can’t find any, imagine how they should look. And what will it bring you? And how do you feel then?

This way, you can gradually, step by step, lift yourself out of lower vibrations. Meditations and visualizations are excellent for this! But remember, when you visualize, internalize the image and the feelings. Often, we keep the images far from us, but we need to fully embody them to become the frequency. If we don’t, we just look at them, nothing more. Whatever we give attention to grows. What do you want to manifest? What do you want more of in your life? Give it loving attention! Not obsessively…

What do you want to avoid growing in your life or your world? Withdraw your attention from it so that you no longer feed it and prevent it from manifesting. Giving neutral attention is not a problem, but often, we have intense emotions about things we are not okay with. By focusing and having emotional reactions, we make it bigger and become a resonant match to exactly that!



If we could better understand the energetic, dynamic world, we would see that many paranormal phenomena are actually normal, and many unexplained phenomena are energetically explainable. It has to do with vibrations, frequencies, consciousness layers, and resonance or dissonance, attraction, and repulsion. The universe knows no right or wrong. We label dynamic processes as good and bad, and that’s where the contraction lies. Our authenticity wants to come out, but we also want to be a good person and be loved. We have all sorts of ideas about how we should or shouldn’t be, and these ideas often prevent us from being our authentic selves. Our true Self is locked up. We no longer take ourselves as the starting point but rather social norms, the external world, and our loved ones. That’s when we leave ourselves and get lost.


Seeing the Totality

If we think we are flesh and blood beings, that we are our thoughts, emotions, and bodies, it becomes difficult to see the totality. To remember what we are, we need to zoom out and gain perspective. When we are in the middle of something or identified with it, we cannot see or experience it differently. When we start thinking in terms of frequencies and vibrations, the world becomes much more understandable and logical. Zoom in, zoom out, observe, feel, experience, and reflect. We are all consciousness, so it is also possible for all of us to see and experience from consciousness. When we raise our vibration, we can view from the higher layers of consciousness. How do we raise our vibration? With thoughts and emotions that vibrate higher: love, trust, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, etc. Not by simply listing these words from your head but by letting their meaning and vibration fill your entire body, every cell. Fully embody the feelings. This can be practiced and trained and will gain momentum with repetition.


Perfect Perfection

We have most wishes and desires when we feel in separation. When we don’t experience the connection with all that is, far from the frequency of our origin, our divine spark. We imagine ourselves as the figure in the playing field, separate from the rest, in duality. In separation. When we tune into the higher levels of consciousness, we feel connected to everything, including the unconditional, impersonal love that we are. You experience such completeness and fulfillment that there is actually nothing more to desire or wish for; this is the great joke. It goes beyond giving and taking, which belongs to the Mind. From this state of being, you overflow and want to share; you are fulfilled. It’s as if you are lifted out of the body and only experience calmness, love, and vibrant peace that is infinite.


Needy due to Separation

On the level of the figure in separation, we are full of desires and needs because we do not experience a connection with our essence. That’s where this neediness comes from, but we often have no awareness of this and have not yet experienced the completeness of the connection. Perfect from the outside but empty from within. This emptiness makes us needy, so we try to fill it with everything outside ourselves. A consumer society would not exist if we felt complete and fulfilled.


An Open Mind and Heart

The solution lies in the connection and embrace of all parts of ourselves. Until we realize this, we will continue to grasp outside ourselves in vain and chase short-lived happiness until we go inward. Engaging with ourselves and feeling everything. Engaging with the world, open ourselves, and let ourselves be touched. What is not good for our system we will naturally turn away from; this is the intelligence of our system without the interference of the mind. However, connection with our inner world is essential for this.

When we truly engage with ourselves, connect with our inner world, and allow all feelings and sensations, life is never boring but intense. There is so much to experience when we allow ourselves all the experiences and remain open. See each moment, situation, and experience as a sensation that can pass through your body; keep your heart open. Feel how everything enters and what it does to you. When the sensations have passed through your body, you arrive at a deep calm and innerpeace.