Magic & traumas

Burnout, insomnia, eating disorders, insecurity, compulsions, addictions, stress, anxiety or panic disorders, recurrent negative thoughts, chronic ailments, borderline, bipolar disorder, ADHD, PTSD, and so on. All are signs of imbalance and blockages.

The list is endless, but they all have one thing in common! They are signals asking for attention. They invite you to return to wholeness; they are THE gateways to our full potential, and it is certainly not intended to suppress or ignore them.

You are not responsible for the wounds you’ve experienced in your life. There is no blame. However, healing and recovery are your responsibility unless you want to bleed on people who didn’t hurt you. Until we process our traumas, we filter life through our wounds, experiencing life through our old pain. They stain and distort our reality adversely.

In every trauma, a kind of wonder is hidden—a piece of the soul waiting to be reclaimed, a quality you lost connection with. Due to the event, you dissociated from this part of yourself, shutting it out because it was too much at the time. This asks you to reconnect with everything that had been pushed into the shadows.

What you can feel, you heal!


The beauty of shadow work, trauma work is that it is filled with magic. It’s like a journey where you reclaim all the lost pieces of your soul. I see blockages and traumas as a kind of potion that grants us access to a piece of our potential (in reality, we reconnect with the potential that was once disconnected) when we embrace and connect with them. They expand our field, our consciousness, as soon as we are willing to feel.

From contraction to relaxation, this is my wish for you!