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On this page, you will find book recommendations (regularly updated) and links to short and longer videos on various aspects of life. Well-being, awareness, traumas, transformation, and a different understanding of illnesses and death, along with all facets in between. Anything that is new to the mind requires time. Initially, you may not connect with this information at all and have no idea what it’s about. Your mind might even be inclined to ridicule it; this is the mechanism of the mind and it’s only about you in this moment. In that case, I lovingly advise you to leave it as it is and perhaps revisit it in a few months or a year to listen/read again. There’s a good chance that it will resonate with you then. The mind simply needs time to expand, and this is neither good nor bad, but it is what it is.

Dr. Peter Levine, trauma expert: healing, including short exercises to feel safe in your body, alleviate chronic pain, release energy, cope with anxiety, and more. how trauma becomes stored in the body  Somatic experiences  Working with trauma without memory  Healing trauma through grounding  Dealing with despair  Exercise for safety and gentleness Exercise to come out of the freeze mode  Working with chronic anxiety  Relationship trauma, sexual abuse  Releasing chronic pain


Dr. Bessel van der Kolk trauma expert:  what is trauma?  trauma healing without medication  trauma healing without medication  detoxing the body from trauma  Exercise to connect with your body and self-regulation  Trauma healing with Yoga Adverse childhood experiences Attachment issues from childhood  Explanation of the limbic system and trauma healing



Dr. Gabor Maté trauma &  addiction expert:  How trauma causes disease  Authenticity  90% of people are addicted  Sensitive people  The myth of being normal  Trauma healing in a disturbed culture  Addiction is not a choice


Anouk Bindels about the wisdom of trauma


Pim van Lommel on near-death experiences and transformation


Endless Consciousness, death is not what you think
The different dimensions explained easily in 4 minutes by Stefano MatiasMatias


Book recommendation: “Liefdesbang” (Fear of Love) by Hannah Cuppen, about attachment and fear of commitment


Book recommendation: “The Invitation” by Juno Burger


Maarten Oversier on Reincarnation and Ancestors


Els van Steijn  Family Constellations  Harmony Model


Trusttechniek, a better world for you and your animals

A link to Simone Ottenvangers’ website, very special and informative. It covers everything about how animals view the world and us. She provides courses on learning to communicate with animals and healing through consciousness and awareness. She can assist you with any questions you have about your pets, etc. She is highly skilled and has a waiting list. Her blog is amazing! Losing weight, weight loss, overeating. My personal experience with weight issues was related to deep self-rejection, self-hatred, and insecurity. But these can manifest in various forms of suppressed emotions. To avoid feeling them, I used food. Consequently, I could hate myself even more, perpetuating the cycle. The solution for me was:

  1. Feeling the repressed emotions.
  2. Accepting my weight at that moment.
  3. Shifting my focus, aiming for better health rather than being slimmer.
  4. Allowing myself to eat everything I loved; I actually triggered binge-eating by forbidding myself certain foods. Within a year, my body stabilized, and I no longer seemed to gain weight easily.
  5. Engaging in sufficient and regular physical activity, doing something enjoyable!
  6. Acquiring more knowledge about healthy nutrition and supplementing deficiencies. In my experience, diets actually lead to weight gain and are a big illusion; losing 2 kilos and gaining 4 back. An emotional and mental diet is the solution.

When we are more balanced, our weight is also better balanced. From my perspective, milk is not beneficial for us, except for breast milk.

Many people with overweight are undernourished in terms of quality. Consuming many toxins causes the body to retain more water to store these toxins. Until the age of 40, your body takes care of you, but after 40, you must genuinely take better care of your body. You will also feel mentally much better if you avoid sugars as much as possible. – Here’s a video about what sugar does to our brains!

Detoxifying your body can be done in a bath with bath salts. This helps relieve your organs. You can do this with half a cup of baking soda, half a cup of Himalayan salt, half a cup of Dead Sea salt with magnesium, and half a cup of Celtic sea salt. For detoxifying copper and heavy metals, more is required.


Byron Katie:   Self-inquiry Dealing with jealousy and resentment


Dealing with cancer


Fear of Trump


I want my mother to be happy

Meat industry


Proving that you love me


From fighting to harmony, Michael Singer


Alan Watts on the nonsense of the future, it’s always NOW  Don’t think too much  Worrying about problems we don’t have  How you can waste your life for money  Stop wanting but accept  Explore your dark side  Don’t take life so seriously  The real you  The illusion of time  The illusion of thoughts


Abraham Hicks Wisdom  Dealing with the misery in the world   No accident is accidental  Believe in yourself   How do you know if you’re in alignment with Source? Why you shouldn’t feel guilty  Don’t feel insecure  Ukraine and Russia  What can you do when things go wrong?


Dr. Wayne Dyer
  Relax and everything comes to you  Gratitude exercise  4 ways consciousness communicates with you  The difference between your ego and your true self  Healing through forgiveness


Louise Hay  How to love yourself  Self-healing  The power is within you  affirmations




Book recommendations: “Over het mannelijke in de vrouw & het vrouwelijke in de man” – Karen Hamaker Zondag (Jung’s theory about animus and anima in practice)

“Mind over Medicine” Lisa Rankin, scientific Proof that You can heal Yourself

“When the body says no” “Scattered Minds” The Myth of normal” Hungry Ghosts” Gabor Maté

“The Power of Now” – Eckhart Tolle

“Power Versus Force” David Hawkins

“Molecules of Emotions” The science behind mind body medicine Candace B. Pert

“Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue” – Neale Donald Walsch

“Healing BackPain” John E. Sarno

Books of Carl Gustav Jung

‘The internal family system” dr.C. Schwartz

“You Can Heal Your Life” – Louise L. Hay

“The Astonishing Power of Emotions” – Esther and Jerry Hicks

“Untamed” – Glennon Doyle

“The Law of Resonance” – Pierre FranckhBooks by Jiddu Krishnamurti

“The End of Your World: Uncensored Straight Talk on the Nature of Enlightenment” – Adyashanti

“The Mask Maker” – Wibe Veenbaas, Joke Goudswaard, Henne Arnolt

“The Fountain”- Els van Steijn (part 1 & 2)

“Heks&Wijze vrouwen” – Susan Smit

“Dear Old Soul” – Annemieke Katerberg

“Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life” – Byron Katie

“The MIR-Method: Self-Healing in a Few Minutes” – Mireille Mettes.

“The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself” – Michael A. Singer

Books by Christina von Dreien

“I Am That: Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj” – Nisargadatta Maharaj

“The Teachings of Ramana Maharshi” – Godman

“Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing” – Barbara Ann Brennan

“Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype” – Clarissa Pinkola Estés

“The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level” – Gay Hendricks

“The Tao of Equus: A Woman’s Journey of Healing and Transformation Through the Way of the Horse” – Linda Kohanov

“The Journey: A Practical Guide to Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free” – Brandon Bays

“Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma” – Peter A. Levine

“The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma” – Bessel van der Kolk

“The Secrets of the Soul: Windows to Our Transpersonal Reality” – Kees and Marijke Aaldijk

“Time Bender: The Hidden Teachings of Jeshua Ben Joseph” – Tijn Touber

“Soul Causes of Illness: Fulfilling the Five Biological Natural Laws” – Bjorn Eybl

“Bestaansrecht” – Maarten Oversier

“Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life” – Marshall B. Rosenberg

“The Knee of Listening” – Adi Da Samraj

“Choosing from the Heart: A Guide to Creating the Life You Desire” – Albert Sonnevelt

“The White Book”” The Power of Self-Love” and ” Life Creation” – Ramtha

“The Masters of the Far East” – Baird T. Spalding

“Inner Power: The New Psychology of Inner Power” – Joop Korthuis

“Tiger-Tiger, Is It True?: Four Questions to Make You Smile Again” – Byron Katie (Children’s book)

“The Little Prince” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (Adaptations by Tiny Fisscher and Mark Janssen for all ages)

“Why We Came to Earth” – Hans Stolp (For children and adults)

“I Think, I Am!” – Louise L. Hay (Children’s book)

“Magical Me” – Dr. Christiane Northrup (Children’s book)

“How Yellow Got Its Color” – Petra Helbers (Children’s book)

“The Education of OverSoul 7” – Jane Roberts (Mystical stories based on the Seth books) – Meditation for healing and clearing your energy field, aligning with the source. Hyacintha Cryda has many meditations on her website and YouTube.

The Story of the Blind Men and the Elephant is a well-known and timeless Sufi tale from the 12th century, highly recommended to read. Especially relevant in the current time. (Link to the story:

Book recommendation: “De hele olifant in beeld” (The Whole Elephant Revealed) by Marja de Vries.

Germanic Medicine, discovered by an incredibly remarkable and honest man who devoted himself to his fellow humans, facing the consequences. Dr. Ryke Geert Hamer showed that the iron law of cancer has no exceptions. He was condemned in medical circles (as usual, anything that goes against the established order and lacks a profit motive for big pharma is often put on the quackery list). Throughout history, we have seen similar condemnation, and for what purpose?

In Germanic Medicine, under ideal circumstances, 98% of patients survive. Those who die are the patients who succumb to the panic that follows the cancer prognosis, life expectancy prognosis, and the effects of chemotherapy and morphine during treatment.

Book recommendation: “Germaanse Geneeskunde Beknopte Inleiding” (Germanic Medicine Brief Introduction) by Dr. Med. Mag. Theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer. This booklet can be found on the web.


“I have the utmost respect for anyone who dedicates themselves with heart and soul to everything that lives and acts with integrity and conscience. However, I have no respect for many medical protocols and hypotheses that, in my opinion, lack a foundation. (I am not referring to acute medical help and emergency care, for which I have deep respect.) They indeed do remarkably good work in many areas, but unfortunately, there is little to no collaboration with the holistic and complementary approaches. From my perspective, this collaboration is highly desirable. Although more and more doctors are daring to deviate from the conventional paths.

I find it concerning to witness how much effort is made to conceal the self-healing capacity of our bodies. Moreover, we are led to believe that we are at the mercy of our genes, heredity, and incurable diseases, and that medication is the only solution for “illnesses.” Johan Dennis, why Germanic Medicine is being suppressed

Brecht Arnaert

Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza extensively discuss topics related to our self-healing abilities and the influence we have on our reality.

Book recommendation: “You Are the Placebo” and “The Biology of Belief.”

There are many YouTube videos and books available on this topic. We are not at the mercy of our genes, and we have an influence on our genetic expression. Additionally, we can impact the functioning and physiology of our brain.

Below is a video by Joe Dispenza explaining brainwaves and our influence on them:

Everything is changeable, including what is traditionally believed to be hereditary traits. Neuroplasticity and neurogenesis are examples of this. Multi-sensory perception demonstrates how our perception influences our reality. Just like the rubber hand illusion, we often identify ourselves with our bodies and believe we are our bodies. Everything is a matter of perception and can be influenced.

Kantum physics and epigenetics repeatedly illustrate this. Spontaneous remission and spontaneous regression are further examples. Wim Hof demonstrates that we have an influence on our autonomic nervous system. Studying the placebo and nocebo effects provides valuable insights.

Here is a video of Wim Hof:

Below is an example of a woman who, despite her diagnosis, continued to seek and became a living proof of the influence we have on our brain and how nothing is fixed. According to the experts, there was nothing that could be done, yet she embodies neuroplasticity:

Furthermore, this TED talk by Kristen Meisenheimer discusses the rewiring revolution and the impact of neuroplasticity on well-being:


Scientific research with rats shows the impact of neuroplasticity, depression, and the role of the environment in enhancing learning in a pleasurable and stimulating setting.

Book recommendations related to health:

  1. ” “To Your Health and ” The Threatened Child.” by H.C Moolenburgh.
  2. ” Censorship: What You’re Not Allowed to Know About Your Health” by Dr. Babor Lenkei.
  3. “The healing journy” by Brandon Bays, where she shares her journey of self-healing from a large tumor in her abdomen.
  4. Richard de Leth emphasizes taking self-responsibility for your health and provides valuable insights.

The following link is a 3-hour special by Dr. H.C Moolenburgh, known for his statement: “Suppressing symptoms is not healing but a form of shifting the problem.”

Evi Michelle Maalce on contraception, copper poisoning, detoxification of heavy metals, nutrition, healing, and recovery.

Below are some links related to the climate problem, new world order, shadow work, and more: Karen Ramaker Zondag

Professor Kees de Lange on the climate problem:

A smart man asks panel members a simple question: short video

Book recommendation: “Als het leger Haarp speelt” (When the Army Plays Haarp) by Alex Hunter

Thought manipulation, mind control:



Book recommendations: “Quest for Love” by Anneke Lucas “Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security” by Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips “MIND CONTROL” by Quasimodo “UNSHACKLED” by Kathleen Sullivan


It is certainly not my intention to scare people with content of the books above, nor to provoke polarization and hatred. As I see it, transformation cannot occur if we do not confront the shadow sides of ourselves and the world. Living only half of reality is not enough. It all begins with awareness, as things do not change by turning away from them but by facing them and discharging and transforming their energy WITHIN OURSELVES. Additionally, it is essential to realize that a “gruesome” perpetrator has also been a gruesome victim in the past or present.

Healing can only take place when we shine our light, our consciousness, on the matter and then discharge and transform its energy. It works counterproductively if we direct our hatred towards it. Traumas and complexes are passed down from generation to generation, innocently. How guilty can you be if you do not control yourself? Suppose there are dark, programs within you (beyond your awareness) that can be activated, are you then guilty for the actions that result from them? Or if your own life and the lives of your loved ones are in danger, and you are under pressure to comply with what is asked of you?

We must realize that if we were in the shoes of the “perpetrators,” with the same brains and programs, and the same experiences and past, we would not be any different. Perhaps we should be grateful if this is not the case. All facets are present within us, but they are activated or not based on our experiences. However, that does not mean we have to approve of what happens. But approval is not the same as transforming or giving even more fuel to it by directing our hatred towards it. Universal Love remains the invisible force that can transform and heal everything. But again, it all starts with awareness. Everything that comes to light will eventually fade away. We cannot deny dark forces, but we can transform them within our own inner world.

If we do not confront the above, it seems we cannot break free from the collective Stockholm syndrome and continue to confess to the devil.

Disclaimer: Information on this page (Information & Inspiration) and this website is not a substitute for professional medical advice!