Framing, Programming and the Power of Love

We are all programmed and conditioned differently; you could see it as wiring that runs differently in each person. It depends on what you have experienced and come to believe throughout your life, both consciously and unconsciously. For instance, if you have lost a loved one to cancer, the word “cancer” will evoke a completely different response in you than if you have a loved one in your environment who has survived it.


Suppose you have delved into spontaneous remission or self-healing, and you are familiar with the work of Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Brandon Bays, or Gregg Braden, among others. In that case, you probably won’t be shocked by the word “cancer” and might see it as a challenge to approach things differently. You may recognize that your current state of being have led you to this point. Alternatively, you may view it as a response to a conflict you are still in the midst of or as a recovery from a challenging period you have recently experienced. Self-reflection and discernment are necessary to understand your own process. If you need Scientific Proof, I recommend you to read the book “Mind over Medicine” by Lissa Rankin.

The self-healing capacity is a natural law when we can liberate ourselves from disturbances, trauma, or conflicts that precede what we perceive as illness. The natural law does its work when we don’t obstruct it. We should trust the intelligence of our bodies, but we must become aware of possible disruptions. Realigning ourselves with safety, inner peace, and love in each new moment is crucial for optimal health, clear thinking, healing, and bliss. We have been programmed to believe that something outside of ourselves must heal us, and we have lost trust in the intelligence of nature. We fail to see that we are making ourselves “ill,” with stress and fear being the main culprits.

The Silvia Millecam Frame: When I discuss self-healing with people from a medical background, I often hear the example of Silvia Millecam, likely mentioned frequently during their training. This is what I refer to as framing. What does framing do? It directly places the mindset within a specific framework or box, limiting free thinking. Our perspective becomes narrowed, and we can’t think or see beyond this frame. It’s like having sand thrown in our eyes, preventing us from looking beyond the grid.

Many of us have lost the ability to think freely due to programming, conditioning, and framing. No matter how many titles and diplomas one holds, if the capacity for free thinking is lost, we merely repeat what we have been told or “learned,” whether it’s true or not, narrowing our vision and consciousness. The ability to make clear observations is lost in this process.

Silvia Millecam is just one person, yet many believe that if they don’t undergo chemotherapy, they won’t survive. We forget that many millions of people have died with and because of chemotherapy. Not to mention the quality of life for those who have survived chemo.

Biological Intelligence: Cancer is not a disease; like many other symptoms and ailments, it is a response to something that preceded it. In some cases, it may be a reaction to toxic substances or severe deficiencies, but more often, it is a response to or after a conflict active phase, which we could also call trauma or shock experience. It is the body’s biologically intelligent process, doing everything it can to restore balance. This process is labeled as a disease, incurable illness, or chronic illness.

Reflect on yourself or people around you and what preceded a “disease process.” What did you experience? Did you feel trapped? Did you worry? What seemed unsolvable? What was your greatest fear? What were you dependent on? What were the recurring thoughts and emotions? What did you experience as a significant loss? Almost everyone will have experienced significant stress or worries before the so-called disease process or healing process began.

To free yourself from the programming and framing of deadly diseases and cancer, I recommend reading the book “Zielsoorzaken van ziekte” by Björn Eybl. It delves into the 5 biological laws of nature discovered by Dr. Med. Mag. Theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer and contains over 300 case studies on diseases for therapists and patients. This book will permanently change your perspective on cancer and other diseases and liberate you from the grip of fear.

Mind over matter: There is already so much evidence that it is the power of thought (or actually the belief with the accompanying emotion) that determines whether you heal or not, rather than the medicine itself, but the belief in the medicine. The placebo and nocebo effects also demonstrate this. It is about aligning with the right frequency, the unconditional love that we are in essence. Tuning into gratitude and trust, where stress, hatred, and fear cannot exist. The body is not separate from our thoughts and emotions; it works together and is interconnected; it is an intelligent system. We need to understand the underlying connections and causality. Our thoughts and beliefs have a direct influence on our body and our genes.


Cognitive dissonance

What is new for the mind and goes against conscious and unconscious beliefs will always be rejected, often even ridiculed, and in some cases, the person conveying this news will be dismissed. This is how our mind works without self-reflection, especially when it comes to beliefs on which our sense of existence (unjustifiably) relies.

When we receive information that challenges our sense of existence and activates our fears, we become even more capable of rejecting it. We don’t even want to absorb evidence that contradicts our sense of existence. When fear is triggered, we revert to our reptilian brain, where there is no possibility of sound reasoning. We project outward because we don’t want to feel and face the fear within ourselves, and this happens unconsciously. We ridicule the information and see the person conveying it as not okay in our eyes. This is also known as cognitive dissonance. Family ties break, friendships break, all because we can’t see that it triggers something within ourselves. The trigger and the energetic reaction that arises in us are projected onto the person or information that triggers us. We have lost the way inward and shift everything outward. We judge, but we forget that all the judgments we have are about ourselves. They reveal our unconscious beliefs and needs. They shed light on the unhealed parts of ourselves that hinder our further growth. But if we don’t reflect on this and only project outward, we won’t grow, and our world will become more painful.


Repetition is Programming

Programming works on our subconscious by hearing it repeatedly. For example, if you have been told your whole life that you can only heal by using medication, your mind needs time to break free from this programming. Similarly, if you have been told that the doctor knows more about your body than you do, it also requires time and exposure to different information and insights to break free from this belief, but for that, we need to remove our blinders. We shouldn’t reject everything beforehand. With an open mind and some research, you can go a long way.

If you find it scary to take responsibility for your own health and prefer to rely on something outside of yourself, then your mind will likely continue to reject and maybe even ridicule any information related to self-responsibility and self-healing because, without your awareness, it triggers fear in you.

When you derive your entire identity from certain titles you have achieved or knowledge you possess, and the teachings contradict self-healing, you will feel a strong impact on your sense of existence and react intensely to this information. But all reactions within you are about you! (more on this in the power of thought section)

Framing often affects our sense of existence and self-worth. For example, if you believe in this, you are a “conspiracy theorist,” and a conspiracy theorist is less educated. Do you see how a frame is created here and strengthened by the phrase “less educated”? “Less educated” is also a frame. Similarly, “airy-fairy” can be used as a frame for what we can’t or don’t want to understand or see, and have not experienced yet, so for the mind, it’s inherently “airy-fairy.”

Other forms of framing include phrases like “let the experts handle it,” or “leave it to the statisticians, doctors, or scientists,” implying that we are not capable but they are. The mind then uncritically accepts the sound that comes from it because these words have been framed and programmed in a way that blinds us. They know, and we don’t. This makes us obedient followers.


Free thinking and critical thinking are not a luxury when it comes to your health and life. Another way of programming and framing is through the use of phrases like “for your safety,” “it’s for your own safety,” or “it’s for our safety.” The other side of safety is danger, and so the word “safety,” with underlying hints of danger, can work well as a frame and program, limiting our ability to see and think beyond this perspective.

It’s essential to investigate how safe everything that is presented to us as “safe” truly is. Often, a concealed invisible enemy is placed within the same frame. However, if we genuinely explore the safety and health aspects of what is being promoted, we often come to a rude awakening. Everything sold under the guise of safety should wake us up, but due to programming and framing, it brings us to sleep.

The term “conspiracy theory” is another frame that remarkably works well. Originally, the term was coined when confidential information was leaked from the CIA or FBI, and it was framed as a conspiracy theory to diminish the power of the information. Now, I hear many people say, “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but…” followed by a story that is essentially framed as a conspiracy theory.

Why does this happen? “Conspiracy theory” has been framed and directed towards schizophrenia, which no one wants to be associated with. So, we don’t believe in conspiracy theories because we want to uphold our self-worth. However, we cannot deny that many conspiracy theories have turned out to be true.

This frame can dismiss a lot of information, and our minds may resist going there because we fear how the world would perceive us if we were associated with certain beliefs.

Over the past years, I have been astonished by how compliant we humans can be. We count calories, carbohydrates, money, steps we take, and want to know how much sugar is added to our food, among other things. But before we allow something to be injected into our bloodstream, we don’t check the ingredients list.


For Others

We are trapped in the frame and programming: “You do it for others.” Safety and health, protecting the vulnerable group, or else you will die. Once again, fear drives us straight into our reptilian brain, where logical thinking doesn’t occur. Fear does its work, and alongside that, shame and guilt are being instilled. Instilling fear, dividing, and ruling—the age-old tactics to exert power and polarize.

We are all afraid of getting sick or dying, even though neither really exists, but is simply misprogrammed. Both are signs that we cannot oversee or comprehend the totality and causality of existence (more on this in the book “ Selectively spiritual”


Open Mind

The human mind needs time to stretch and adapt to things that are different from what was believed. A gap needs to be created in the matrix or programming, allowing your light or consciousness to shine through. We break free from programming and framing when we start thinking for ourselves again and reconnect with our feelings. Stop believing everything you think! You are not your thoughts, and most of the thoughts passing through your head are not even yours! You choose whether they are true for you and whether you want to engage with them or simply let them pass by.

Moreover, we can question everything we thought was true: Is this true? Could something else also be true? What purpose could this information serve? Who is the source of this information? Does this feel right to me? Stay present and connected to your heart, feeling within your body.

By asking yourself these types of questions, the entrenched mind can start moving and break free from old programs and frames. Maintain a distance from everything you observe, experience what it does to your inner world, and let it be.


The Power of Love

Loving thoughts and intentions are incredibly powerful. Our thoughts and words also have a vibration, and the more we tune into loving feelings, guided by loving thoughts, the better we will feel. You will see that aligning with love gains more and more momentum and can change your entire life.

Love is magical and heals all wounds. Where there is love, fear cannot exist. In my view, there is no power or force in the world stronger than love—of course, I am talking about the love that is free and open, compassionate, and expansive. Love that is connected but not bound and carries no conditions. This love is vast and impersonal, not projected onto something or someone. It is a state of being that is not attached to anything or anyone but connected to all that is.

The purpose of every day should be love, and everything else is secondary. Not that there is nothing else to do on Earth, but when driven by love, you are guided by your heart instead of the programming of your mind. You can then live life in flow rather than heaviness and willpower. If every human on this Earth were to set love as the goal of the day, everything would change. But it starts with self-love, love for all aspects of yourself.


Opening yourself up

When I talk about love, I don’t mean that you should let others walk all over you and try to please everyone. It’s not about agreeing on everything either, which is impossible since we are all programmed differently. Instead, it’s about sinking into yourself, into the area of the heart and pelvis, where there is peace. It’s a place where we can meet each other without judgment or disapproval ; on this level, we are all equal! It’s the realm of the heart, where there are no programs. There is were the calm and peace reside.

 Opening your heart doesn’t mean becoming a pushover; it means being open to yourself and the world,  and it works wonders. Unconditional love is not the same as unconditional tolerance, this could be a lack of Self – love. An open heart is not the same as an open house.



In our programming, we tend to perceive the world judgmentally, forming opinions about everything, which leads us straight into our heads and into polarization. Our minds are filled with programs, like lenses that distort reality. From this level, finding harmony is not easy; polarization tends to dominate. Both you and others are operating from unconscious programming, but we didn’t program ourselves; our environment did. Do you see how flawed it is? Two people getting caught up in polarization based on unconscious programming that represents the opinions and assumptions of other people.


Feeling Perception

What if we start perceiving the world through feeling? Allow everything to come into you, feel how it resonates within you! Practice this in every situation, every interaction with others, and every space you enter. If this becomes your daily exercise, you’ll notice that everything feels different than you thought. The realm of feelings cannot be predicted by the mind.


Bathing in Love

Before getting up and starting your day, immerse yourself completely in love. How do you do that? By allowing loving thoughts to arise within you. Envelop yourself in love, as if you are being carried by a field of love and tenderness. Use all the images and memories that evoke the feeling of unconditional love within you. Tune into this feeling as often as possible throughout the day. Let love permeate every cell of your body. If you find yourself in conflict with someone else’s thoughts and programs, remember that you can sink into the layer of the heart where both of you share the same desires and are equals.

Just like adjusting the frequency of a radio when entering a different area to tune into the same station, this is what we need to do within ourselves. Return to the frequency of love, compassion, and tenderness every time. I challenge you to try this for a week and see what changes in your life. After the week, you can always decide whether to continue or not.