When we look at newborn babies, we can see that development can happen very quickly. The growth in consciousness is observable. At first, we see that the baby may be a bit fussy and out of sorts, and then you can clearly see that the baby has undergone some sort of development. The baby can now grasp at things while before it was waving its arms randomly. If you have seen a young baby grow up in your surroundings, you have probably also noticed and observed this, especially the periods leading up to such a leap in consciousness or developmental leap, parents or caregivers cannot miss. Before each leap, babies are clearly out of sorts and fussy. With babies, these leaps seem to follow each other almost as quickly as the baby grows physically.


Dark days

As far as I’m concerned, these leaps in consciousness continue throughout life, although not as rapidly as in infancy. Even before these leaps, we can feel unsettled. This is an energetic process, where old structures are released, and we experience it as unfamiliar and unknown. From the current energetic order, disorder emerges, followed by the formation of a new order. This process is palpable, and we may feel quite desperate. A sense of hopelessness or feeling stuck can arise, which is actually accurate. You have reached the end of the old energetic structures, an old timeline, so it feels hopeless and like you’re hitting a dead end. However, this point, though uncomfortable, is the purification for something new. The new energetic structures, new frequencies, can only form when the old ones let go, and this process is palpable. You vibrate to a higher level of consciousness.

Be gentle and kind to yourself during these days, knowing that growth is lovingly guided and will bring something new.


Own rhythm

Do we have an influence on the growth of our consciousness? My answer to this is actually both yes and no. It depends on how you define consciousness and from which perspective you look at it. If I plant a chestnut in the ground and want it to be a chestnut tree next year, I’m out of luck. It grows according to its own rhythm. Everything has its own rhythm, but everything is also interconnected and has an impact on each other. We can influence the living conditions of the chestnut tree in the making – a healthy soil, sufficient water, enough sunlight, enough shade, etc.


The power of love

Especially love and loving words have an incredibly powerful influence. You can experiment with this yourself, and there have been plenty of experiments done. The plant to which loving words are spoken every day clearly grows better than the plants that receive less love, and the plant that receives hate every day even dies. You can do this experiment with rice grains in a jar as well – the rice grain to which loving words are spoken every day doesn’t mold, while the one receiving hate turns black with mold. Masaru Emoto conducted amazing experiments with water crystals, showing how beautiful and harmonious water crystals form when love and gratitude are expressed towards them, and how disharmonious the crystals become when love is lacking or replaced by hate and everything in between. Babies can also die if they only receive nutrition and no love and touch.

In addition to optimal living conditions, Love, as proven by various experiments, indeed has an impact on all growth and harmony. Love and loving attention are, in my opinion, THE invisible necessary force that breathes life into existence. The carrier of existence.

When we, as humanity, are in survival mode or live in an area where survival is the order of the day, this will certainly have an impact on our consciousness, and the consciousness of people in these areas will receive little to no attention to grow or be liberated. In fact, it will be hindered.

Fear is a major problem. Stress is also fear.


As I see it and have experienced, we are all consciousness. Temporarily identified with thoughts and a body in this earthly game. Like ants in a jar, conditioned so that we do not escape or look further. As if we have descended into a computer game without being aware that it’s just a game and that we are not truly the player in the field. Once there is space in our lives and awareness, free from the matrix or rat race, out of survival mode, then our consciousness grows or has the opportunity to grow. We step out of the reptilian brain, out of autopilot.

Alternatively, you could see it as consciousness becoming less constricted and clouded when we step out of the rat race. The disturbances are reduced, allowing consciousness to shine through better. So, is it a matter of promoting growth or letting the programming release us more, allowing consciousness to shine through? It’s like removing black stickers from a big light ball. The black stickers represent all the disturbances, programs, fears, and so on. It’s our programming and conditioning.

Reptilian Brain: The reptilian brain is more instinctual survival, focused on ourselves. Preserving the body is the goal of the reptilian brain, and it reacts primarily. From the perspective of the reptilian brain, we can only think and experience that we are the body, nothing more. There is no space in this area to see it differently. It’s a mechanism that activates from this part of the brain. It’s action-reaction without any room for reflection or clear thinking. From this part of the brain, we may say or do things that we later regret. This part of the brain is activated by fear. The more we live from this part of the brain, the more primitive our behavior becomes. We are also very easily influenced from this part, accepting everything without questioning, lacking clarity.

Haste, stress, restlessness, busyness, and mental pressure are characteristic when this part of our brain is activated. Fear narrows our energy field, but love expands our field and carries everything.


Consciousness Layers

Plant medicines also have a powerful effect; they bring us out of our minds, open our hearts, and change our vibration. But again, do they stimulate the growth of our consciousness, or do they clearing out our old programming, freeing us from the frames and grids in which we were entangled? Essentially, love raises our vibration, allowing us to ascend and gain insight into older consciousness structures. By embodying love in every cell, we can connect with consciousness layers of a higher order.



What we truly are is consciousness, which is not physical. It is like an endless divine field of love that makes all forms possible, everything can arise and dissolve within it. Silent and serene, yet more alive and much more real than anything you have experienced until now. It is non-personal, immortal, and invulnerable. It is neutral, yet full. Nothing of the world as we know it can harm it, but this world is made possible by it. It is independent of time and distance and is not subject to decay.

From the perspective of unity consciousness, what we call life is a grand joke, a kind of dream that never truly happened. From our human thinking, it may all seem airy, nonsensical, and incomprehensible. How can it be that everything we are so attached to, and for which we do and sacrifice so much, has never been real and is just a dream? How can we have dedicated our lives to an illusion? The mind does not want to acknowledge this idea and will reject it in every possible way. The mind stands in between and makes everything personal, preventing us from seeing the truth.

However, when you experience and look beyond these veils, you will see that nothing of what I am sharing here is nonsensical. Near-death experiences also reveal this truth. Many of you may have already experienced or know someone who has, but it may not always be recognized or given much attention. Some of you may also hesitate to speak openly about it, fearing that others might consider you crazy. You do not need to go near death to see and know this.


Unity Consciousness

As we vibrate at higher levels of consciousness, we experience and perceive through our consciousness rather than solely through the body. Children under the age of 12 can also easily learn to see without their eyes, blindfolded. This also happens through consciousness. On the level of consciousness, we are everywhere at once, and there is no time and distance. We can communicate with each other and each through consciousness, without using words. There are incredibly vast possibilities from higher levels of consciousness, such as telepathy, astral travel, teleportation, and more. All apparent suffering we experience here on Earth dissolves in this boundless field, but even your personal desires and longings cannot exist there. It is the purest impersonal love imaginable, pure bliss and joy, and much more real than this earthly reality.



From this sense of completeness, this earthly life appears to be just a small fraction of totality. It seems as if this earthly life is like a dark and small cellar compared to what is truly real. Like we have all gotten stuck in a movie that, once it’s over, was never really real. Just like a dream dissolves when you wake up in the morning. This so-called life is just an appearance in the totality, and that totality is endless consciousness, full of love and bliss. Suddenly, you see that everything you ever sought, you are actually already that. We are all that! Suddenly, you see that all suffering was not real, and everything you thought was true turns out to be one big illusion. Not that this glimpses should be the ultimate goal, but it is helpful to know for everyone who is afraid of getting sick or dying. Sickness and death, as we know them, don’t even exist! What we call sickness is actually a response or healing process of our body. Existence doesn’t end when our consciousness detaches from the body; you actually wake up in this dream. In the book “Selectively Spiritual,” I ventured to explain this in every possible way with various examples. As far as I’m concerned, becoming aware is more about mindfulness, our focus, our attention. We can continue to unconsciously repeat certain patterns for a long time until we become aware of what we are doing. Before we become aware of something, there can be no change.


Unconscious Programs

 We can spend years unconsciously going in circles in our minds, constantly obsessing over thoughts. Until we become aware of these thoughts, we don’t have a choice whether to believe them or not. Until then, we are trapped in thought clusters and lower levels of consciousness that we aren’t even aware of. It’s as if we are being thought and controlled but not by our authentic selves. Unconscious programs are running from our subconscious with which we have identified ourselves. “That’s just who I am” or “That’s just how I am,” you often say. But these are mostly unconscious programs. By becoming more aware of the sensations in our body and connecting more with the body, the mind can become calmer, creating space between our awareness and the thoughts. This allows us to feel the impact of these thoughts on our inner world when we believe them. We can also question whether they are true for us. Often, we think we are reacting to situations or circumstances, but when we become more conscious of this, we see that we are actually reacting to what we believe about the situation. The contraction comes from a non-acceptance of the present moment.


Reconnecting with Our Emotions

Our inner world responds to what we believe and sends out emotions accordingly.. In essence, it responds to our unconscious beliefs. It tries to make us aware of what we believe. Our subconscious programs are tested against our truth in this way. Whether they are in alignment with our essence or not. If a thought or belief feels spacious and calm in your inner world, then it aligns with your essence. If it feels constricting and narrowing inside, pay attention to what you believe in that moment; your inner world is indicating that it’s not in alignment with your essence. You can reconsider the thought or belief. For example: You have to give a speech, and just before stepping onto the stage, you feel nervous and the world seems to spin around you. Don’t start believing that the speech is not in line with your essence, because remember: Your inner world responds to what you believe, it responds to your unconscious beliefs, so what are you believing right now? That you can’t do it? That it will go wrong? Of course, your mind wants you to believe this. Your inner world, however, is solely about you and who you are in your essence. Give the feelings and emotions already present in your system space and permission to be there. Greet them with love. You will see that they will leave you unless you keep repeating the same thoughts in your head. So empty your mind and give the emotions space to transform, and tune into the love that is always and everywhere present. The raw emotion takes a maximum of 1.5 minutes to pass through your system. Additionally, if fully allowed, the emotion will enrich and expand your electromagnetic field like a magical potion. You will feel more empowered, calmer, and stronger. Fear dissolves by facing it; just keep breathing calmly!


Your emotions always have a message for you.

They are a response to what you believe and accept as true. So, they are not about the person or the situation, but more about what you think or believe about them. If the emotions feel expansive and pleasant, they are in alignment with your true essence.

However, if the emotions feel constricting and unpleasant, it’s an opportunity to question which other truth could feel better and be more constructive for your further growth, aligned with your essence. This way, you turn your inner world into a guiding compass that provides direction and helps you become aware of all unconscious beliefs. By doing so, you can release limiting beliefs that may be affecting your vibration and frequency.

When we evaluate experiences solely based on what we think about them, we mostly live our lives according to our unconscious programming, which is built by our environment and mostly represents other people’s opinions that we’ve accepted without examining them by our essence.

As we reconnect with all aspects of ourselves, including our shadow sides, this connection becomes stronger, and we feel more at ease. We become more aware when we disconnect from this inner alignment.


The Power of Love

When we prioritize love and safety as our emotional focus, we resonate with higher levels of consciousness that revolve around unity, transcending old structures centered on conflict, power, lack, and separation. As we transcend these old structures, we gain perspective and align with higher levels of consciousness, allowing us to let go of the pull of the external world.


Open Mind

Many of us go through life with a closed and narrow mind, saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it” or “This cannot be true.” By doing so, we hinder our own growth. It’s time to open ourselves up again, so that new perspectives can enter without encountering a closed door. Be open and ask yourself whether there could be alternative viewpoints. Before dismissing something as impossible, question if it could potentially be possible. Being open can work wonders, and there’s no rush for an immediate answer. Patience is key. The only limitations are the limitations of our own thinking.


Your Truth as Blueprint

There isn’t just one truth; we are all unique fragments of truth that we are meant to embody and share, side by side and together. Each cell in our body has its own unique purpose and is a part of the whole. Similarly, we are all human cells with a unique blueprint, interconnected within the greater whole. It is crucial to become more conscious of this truth.

Copying someone else’s blueprint or creation serves no purpose. By doing so, you lose your own unique color and vibration, making it impossible to live a fulfilling life. We fit perfectly into the grand design when we embrace our individuality and uniqueness. Then, we complement each other rather than fill in for one another.


Heart-Centered Consciousness

Loving ourselves again means allowing love to flow to all parts of ourselves. Whatever you struggle with, bring it to your heart. Our hearts have no preferences or biases, only love and neutrality. Love is light, and everything that comes to light disappears. Love neutralizes, transforms, and thaws, and it carries all that exists. It is on this level that we can meet each other, through heart-centered consciousness. Here, we find safety and relaxation, and the mind becomes calm. The heart is highly intelligent.

By attuning ourselves to the level of the heart and its intelligence, we detach from old levels of consciousness and resonate more with fields of consciousness of a different order, a higher order that provides us with perspective. We no longer need to search for something to fill the void within us. We don’t need to figure out what we should become or do. We simply are our true selves, flowing with the fullness of life, naturally embodying our unique blueprint.