Bianca Meijer is a coach, therapist, counselor, and independent entrepreneur, but above all, experienced at many life themes and domains.

From a very young age, she grappled with profound existential questions: What determines human happiness? And what determines human suffering? How is it that success seems effortless for some while elusive for others? These questions extended to the physical and mental well-being.

At the age of 18, she bought an apartment and secured a well-paying job. She had great colleagues and no shortage of friends. Stylish clothing, a good appearance, and cruising in a new Renault Megane convertible—materially, all her dreams seemed to have come true. From the outside, her life appeared beautiful. Yet, true enjoyment eluded her; she battled severe depression, addictions, suicidal thoughts, and multiple burnouts.

While on vacation in the Dominican Republic, she noticed something that turned her perspective upside down. In the eyes of Western society, Dominicans might be considered poor, but Bianca could only see richness. The warmth, tranquility, and love radiating from these people fascinated her deeply. While materially lacking, they seemed to possess an inner wealth sorely missing in Western society. Inspired by the Dominicans, she decided to travel the world in search of this richness.

She spent a total of 5 years traveling across almost every continent, observing different cultures, traditions, human, animal, and natural life. Throughout, she experienced the diversity of life and the many facets of being human. Her life was marked by falling and rising, high peaks and deep depths.

She pursued over 7 years of education in applied psychology and studied for the past 20 years topics related to consciousness expansion, spirituality, healing, inner leadership, self-realization, health, trauma, and the complexity of systems and universal laws.

Above all, she is a student of life, deeply fascinated by human happiness and consciousness. As she herself admits, she is never done learning. After a long quest, she discovered what impedes human happiness and health, and this has become her life’s work. She understands the spiritual dementia behind material reality. Contributing to the happiness of her fellow human beings is her mission.

Her vision aims to make the world a better place to live, centered on freedom and harmony. For her, it’s about equality and complete self-expression for every individual. She has the ability to connect (invisible) worlds and merge apparent contradictions. In this book, she takes you on a journey through her inner and outer worlds and how all her discoveries and observations turn the current worldview and thinking upside down.